Digital Assets for Sports

Menta™ is a high throughput, low latency, decentralized blockchain platform that will store immutable and unique digital assets. Menta will store various forms of NFTs which include videos, GIFs, digital art, tweets, among other assets.

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Why Menta™?

WMT created the original Menta™ distributed ledger platform in 2015 to support our proprietary cloud computing architecture that is used to power the sites, apps, e-commerce, and OTT platforms we’ve built for our partners.

In developing a distributed ledger platform, our team's goal was to create a system that allows true transparency of transaction in a low latency format for our cloud computing architecture. This distributed blockchain architecture has allowed us to develop a scalable platform that creates optimized performance for the various platforms we’ve created for our partners through the use of microservices to manage network egress and storage requests on demand. WMT’s early adoption of this new technology has allowed our team to be at the forefront of blockchain architecture and thus put us in a unique position to apply what we we’ve learned to address strategic and effective execution of NFT’s.

Digital Data Bank

Assess and convert existing digital assets into a Digital Data Bank through Menta Markt


Determine Marketplace of choice or use Menta Markt’s exclusive marketplace.

Trade Digital Assets

Enable the ability to trade digital assets for exclusive experiences.

Multiple Currencies

Accept standard currency and / or cryptocurrencies.

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a “Non-fungible Token”. Each NFT is unique and cannot be replicated or modified. It is a 1 of 1 asset (video, GIF, image, etc.) that is one of a kind. The derived value of the digital asset is determined by how rare or unique it is and can be collected, traded or redeemed.

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What is
Menta Markt?

An NFT marketplace focused on college athletics.

Blockchain provides an immutable architecture to prevent fraud or data manipulation. WMT’s Menta Markt platform tokenizes the digital asset and formalizes the ownership of the blockchain, which prepares the asset to be sold via the NFT marketplace. Menta Markt will unlock new revenue streams for partners and athletes.

April 30 - May 28

Applications accepted to Menta Markt™ beta program

May 31 - June 15

Applicant Interviews

June 30

Menta Markt Beta Program Partners Announced

How do I access Menta Markt?

WMT has created an invite-only beta program that allows partners and applicants to use our Blockchain platform and marketplace for FREE!

Anyone can apply to join the beta program, simply visit: In addition to access to the platform, we plan to develop use case studies, consult and share relevant information about blockchain and NFT amongst participants, and allow for regular thought sharing within our beta community. The Menta Markt Beta program goal is to drive blockchain innovation in sports through rigorous experimentation with innovative thinking teams and partners. As in all things we do at WMT, we don’t aspire to be first to market, we aspire to be best and most thoughtful in the market.

How Menta Markt Works?


Create or Select the Digital Asset
you’d like to tokenize.

Select your videos, images, tweets, etc. to be converted and available as an NFT.


Mint NFTs on Menta™

Convert digital assets into a Digital Data Bank through Menta™


Set the terms of use and distribution

You can also assign the ability to trade digital collectibles on specific platforms.


Schedule NFT releases

Schedule content releases as new ‘merchandise’ releases.


NFT is available for sale

The NFT will go live to the Marketplace of your choice for sale.

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Apply to join our invite-only beta program. Not only will you have access to use our Blockchain platform for free, but you'll also get to break new ground by developing and testing new NFT concepts!